Thursday, 1 December 2011

"Antigone" in the Dramatic Theatre of Stara Zagora

On 25.11.2011 in Stara Zagora the actors of the Dramatic Theatre presented “Antigone” by Sophocles (screenplay adapted by Maria Doneva, producer Ivelin Keranov). The play was on stage specially for the trip of students and lecturers from the Department of Classis in Sophia University “St. Clement of Ochrid” in connection with their project “Arion” on the ancient drama and its reception in Bulgaria. After the performance a discussion followed on “Antigone” and the ancient theatre between the actors, the producers and the spectators. Students from the National Gymnasium of Ancient Languages and Cultures – Sofia took part in the discussion – the performance was included in the program of their expedition “Augusta Traiana 2011”.
Earlier the same day the classicists visited the remains of the ancient city of Augusta Traiana and the new Regional Historical Museum. On 26.11. Assist.Prof. Dorothea Tabakova and Dimitar Dragnev and Polina Yordanova, students, were interviewed in radio station  “Stara Zagora” on the aim of their trip to Stara Zagora.