Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Summer Latin Courses in Accademia Vivarium Novum - Rome

Like the previous year Accademia Vivarium Novum in Rome organizes its Summer Latin Courses. Here some information about them:
We invite you to our Summer Latin Course. The classes provide for a total immersion in the Latin language. They are divided into two fundamental courses and a third course which is for teachers and which is contingent on enrollment:

1. Latin I(from the first week to the fourth; 15 ECTS): dedicated to those who have no or hardly any previous knowledge of the Latin language. Students will learn morphology, syntax, and vocabulary (1,800 of the most frequent words), and will begin reading genuine Latin texts (the Gospels, Catullus, Martial, Phaedrus, Caesar).  Duration: 156 hours.
2. Latin II (from the fifth week to the eighth; 15 ECTS): dedicated to those who have attended the first course, Latin I, or who already possess an active knowledge of the fundamental notions of Latin grammar and syntax, and who know at least the 1,600 words indicated in the lexicon of Besançon. The students will be taught to read Latin authors fluently in the original texts (Cicero, Sallustius, Livy, Horace, Seneca, Petronius, Pliny the Younger, Eutropius, Ambrogius, St. Augustine, Erasmus, and many others). Duration: 156 hours.
3. Latin III (312 hours: 156 hours during the first 4 weeks + 156 during the last 4 weeks. We will launch this course only if we reach a minimum of 20 registrations): This module is designed specifically for Latin teachers who wish to improve their didactic skills by applying a wide range of strategies in class. This strategies, developed by experts of the didactic of modern languages, facilitate the use of the inductive method in the teaching of Latin. With this approach, teachers are able to explain to young students the works of ancient, medieval and modern Latin writers. With a full immersion in the language, daily practice and Latin conversation, lessons, and other activities, even teachers with no previous experience in the active use of Latin will be able, within two months, to fluently speak, write and teach Latin. As we read the chapters of Latin authors, we will also explore the methods of language teaching used by both Renaissance and modern masters.

For further information please visit our web site:

http://vivariumnovum.net/eng/ adextra.htm

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