Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Prize for Gloria Georgieva and Bulgaria in the XXXII edition of Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas

Gloria Georgieva, student in the XI grade in the National Gymnasium for Ancient Languages and Cultures “St. Constantine-Cyrill the Philosopher” (known with the Bulgarian acronyme NGDEK) won a honorary prize in the XXXII edition of Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas in Arpino, the town of Cicero and Marius, in Italy. Gloria, together with his schoolmate Krasimir Ivanov, competed with 300 other pupils in the biggest Latin competition in Italy, which took place from 11. to 13. May. Accompanying Latin teacher was Ms. Kamenka Rangelova.
The week before Savina Petkova and Neli Aleksandrova, with their Latin teacher Ms. Lydia Domaradzka, PhD, represented NGDEK in the Certamen Horatianum in Venoza, Italy. They translated successfully from Latin to English a piece of Horace's Odes and inset the text with a commentary.     

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